The Many Faces of Capsoul, Vol VII: D-Rockswell

Published on April 24th, 2012

A distinguished alumnus of Claflin University, Daniel C. Moss, currently serves as Vice President of Business Development for HBCU Connect, LLC. Prior to joining HBCU Connect in its inception in 1999, Moss served as Special Exhibits curator of the Arthur Rose Museum, and Assistant to the Chairperson of the Claflin University Art Department both located in Orangeburg, South Carolina. There, as an award-winning visual artist, Moss was awarded the coveted ‘Best-Of-Show’ prize in the largest juried art exhibition in the United States, the 1999 South Carolina Annual Juried Art exhibition, beating out nearly 3000 visual artists from throughout the U.S. and nearly 5000 entries in all forms of art media.


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