D’Angelo – Live At Afro-Punk Fest 2014

Published on December 23rd, 2014
AFROPUNK Festival - Day 2

D’Angelo – AFROPUNK Festival – Day 2

It didn’t help that ?uestlove posted a play-by-play setlist in advance of the event, setting expectations high, while at the same time cautious for a D’Angelo appearance.  After running over an hour late and sending a palpable state of anxiety throughout the crowd of thousands of “Afro-punkers” in attendance, D’Angelo took the stage, lit up and passed the fonk…and we all inhaled!

This was the scene last summer at Afropunk Festival and now we can share the Audio from that performance, courtesy of our friends at Afropunk.  We’re sure you’re enjoying decoding #BlackMessiah right about now, maybe this set, showcasing many of D’Angelo’s musical influences will help.  Enjoy!


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